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The Town is Currently Hosting an Online Version of the Wind


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The Wind and Covid-19

For the time being, the Town has offered to host an online version of The Wind so we (The Wind Staff) can safely practice social distancing and self-isolating. The online format is a downloadable PDF, 8.5x11so it can be printed without needing 11x17 paper. Please share the PDF and/or link to the PDF with folks who regularly see the Wind, but might not be aware that it is being made available online. If you have a printer at home and know someone who would like The Wind, but does not have a computer, internet, or printer, please print and give them a copy using the BEST PRACTICES shared with us by the Town’s Public Safety Team and listed here. It is VERY IMPORTANT to follow these BEST PRACTICES to reduce the possible transmission of coronavirus:


  1. Sanitize your hands by washing them with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds and/or using hand sanitizer.
  2. Wipe clean all parts of the printer you will be touching with disinfectant wipes.
  3. Add paper to your printer if it needs it, being mindful to handle the paper as little as possible.
  4. Print your copy or copies.
  5. Sanitize your hands again before handling the printout.
  6. Put the copy in a new envelope or plastic bag (like a ziplock).
  7. Contact the person you are delivering to. Arrange a best time to leave the copy on their doorstep or in a designated spot.
  8. Remind them to sanitize their hands after they’ve handled the envelope or bag and before they handle their new copy of the Wind.

Be clean! Be safe! Practice social distancing! And thanks for sharing The Wind!