Visual Budget Website

The Vinalhaven Municipal Budget Experience Site is intended for Town residents and taxpayers to view the Town’s proposed municipal budget, as it is articulated in Town Warrant articles, in its entirety online. The site consists of 4 parts:
An introduction and overview to the site
  • A series of data dashboards containing Town’s proposed municipal budget that will be voted on at Town Meeting on 6/28/22
  • A map-based visualization of the Town budget with indicators showing where Town monies are being spent
  • A calculator for Town taxpayers that allows them to estimate their property tax commitment for the upcoming year
To access the site, click this link. Instructions on using the site can be found upon opening it.
The Site is for general reference purposes. The Town of Vinalhaven shall not be held liable for any discrepancies between the Site and the Town’s actual FY23 budget.
For questions and/or feedback about the Site, please contact the Town Office’s Island Fellow Matt Jablonski