EMT Training on Vinalhaven

ems training
A class leading to Basic Level EMT will be held on Vinalhaven, starting September 7. Click for more information on this opportunity!

   Emergency Medical Technician Training Comes to Vinalhaven

A CLASS LEADING TO CERTIFICATION AS A BASIC LEVEL EMT will be held on Vinalhaven, starting September 7.  This is a “hybrid” class, with classroom time dedicated to practical training, and the other part self-directed and supported by Instructor Kerry Pomelow.  Kerry is well known to many Vinalhaven EMTs as an excellent and supportive teacher, and we are very lucky to have her leading this class. 

If you’ve ever thought of joining Vinalhaven’s ambulance crew, this is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed – there will be very little off island training time (at the end of the course, students spend one or two shifts with a mainland ambulance service, and take the final practical and written exams off island). 

For more information, call Pat at 863-2119 and/or visit the Atlantic Partners EMS website (www.apems.org/ems-courses/emt-emergency-medical-technician/ and click on the “register” button for more information).  Ten students are needed for the class; financial aid may be available.