Vinalhaven Law Enforcement Information

Law Enforcement Workshop Follow-up 
On Thursday, July 30th at 5pm the Vinalhaven Select Board held an in-person Law Enforcement Workshop in the field across from Vinalhaven Library. Over 75 people attended the meeting and many spoke, addressing the board and those in attendance. The Board posed the question: "What should law enforcement on Vinalhaven look like? The agenda and minutes for the meeting are available HERE.
Next steps for Law Enforcement on Vinalhaven will be a topic of discussion at the August 4, 2020 Select Board meeting. Click Here FMI. 
Background–Police Services Update from the 7-22-20 Town Meeting
At the annual Town Meeting on Wednesday, July 22, 2020 the warrant article to pay $121,335 for police protection was the only article on the 48-ballot warrant that was not approved.
For many years now, Vinalhaven has had an annual contract with the Knox County Sheriff's Office (KSO) for police coverage. The community’s decision to vote down the warrant article was based on the fact that many citizens feel the amount paid is too high for the services received. Those present at town meeting said that there are expectations of KSO that are not being met, including the expectation that the deputy live on the island, better quality service, fewer gaps in coverage, and better communication from KSO about requests for service and the nature of those incidents.
Sometime within the next couple of weeks–date, time, and location TBD–, the Select Board plans to hold a public discussion on the community’s expectation for law enforcement on Vinalhaven. The information gathered at that meeting will help the Town determine a path forward for providing police services on the island.
Click Here to view the 7-22-2020 Town Meeting conversation regarding Police Services. The discussion begins at approximately 9 minutes and 20 seconds.
Click Here to view the 7-21-2020 Select Board Meeting conversation regarding the KOS contract. The discussion begins at approximately 7 minutes and 10 seconds.
Further information will be forthcoming.
Please direct all questions and concerns to Town Manager, Andrew Dorr
(207) 863-2042