Deputy Clerk/Office Assistant/Deputy Treasurer

Job Description



Nature of Work

This position involves the financial work in collection of various taxes for the Town and handling of Town funds.  The Office Assistant is responsible for collecting various taxes, preparing reports of collected moneys, maintaining tax records for all accounts and other clerical and bookkeeping work as required.  Work involves significant public contact while collecting moneys, and the compilation of records and reports.  Work is performed under the supervision of the Town Manager subject to applicable State laws and regulation and annual financial audits.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Receives and records payments of property taxes using TRIO Real Estate and Personal Property Billing and Collections software, and prepares collected moneys for deposit.  
  • Provides information to citizens, real estate agents, and others on property taxes.
  • Prepares, records and receives payment of boat and automobile excise taxes, including ATV's and snowmobiles, and prepares collected moneys for deposit.
  • Registers cars, trucks, and other motorized vehicles, maintaining records for the State.
  • Assists with monthly reporting to Inland Fish and Wildlife.  This includes the accounting of Hunting and Fishing licenses and all stamp sales.
  • Serves as the Deputy Treasurer as appointed by the Treasurer (Town Manager) and prepares monthly Treasurer's Reports.
  • Responsible for preparing monthly Transfer Station billing reports and payment notices. 
  • Assists in the reconciliation of Ambulance billing.
  • Assist in the compilation of the Town’s Annual Report.
  • Tallies Vital Statistics for Town Annual Report and assists in preparing the Town Report.
  • Assists with management of various social media (website, Facebook, Wind, etc.…)
  • Assists in management of town archives.
  • Records changes in Ordinances in Town Record Book.  Maintains copies of all currently valid ordinances, with amendments, and provides copies of these ordinances to the public as requested.
  • Prepares Agendas for Selectmen’s Meetings, attends and takes minutes at all Selectmen’s meetings.  Prepares minutes for approval by Selectmen (in the absence of the Administrative Assistant).
  • Assists Town Manager with various special projects as directed.
  • Performs administrative duties of the other office staff during their absence.
  • Answers the telephone and assists people as necessary.
  • Performs related work as required.   

Desirable Experience and Training

Graduation from an accredited high school.  Experience in collection of various monies; considerable experience in advance clerical work including public contact.  Extensive knowledge of computers, Windows Office software, and Word.  Experience with TRIO and MOSES software preferred.  Prior experience in municipal government preferred.


Approved by the Board of Selectmen May 31, 2016  

Effective July 1, 2016