Register a Vehicle

If you are re-registering a vehicle in Vinalhaven, you need to have current proof of insurance on the vehicle (not past or future cards- it has to be effective on the date of registration!), and the mileage of the vehicle. A previous registration is helpful, but not necessary.

If you are re-registering a vehicle that has never been registered in Vinalhaven before, we DO need a copy of the most recent registration, along with proof of insurance and mileage.

If registering a new (or used) vehicle from a dealership: Proof of insurance, mileage, a sales invoice that shows sales tax was paid, and the blue title application are needed. 

If registering a vehicle from a private sale: Proof of insurance, a bill of sale, and the Title signed over to you (if the vehicle is 1995 or newer) are needed.


The State of Maine is no longer doing double title applications. You CANNOT sell a vehicle that is 1995 or newer until you have received a title for it in YOUR NAMEYou do not need to register the vehicle, but you do need to get the new title.


For more information, please see the BMV website link below, or contact the Town Office at 207-863-4343.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles