The Annual Budget Process
Vinalhaven's municipal budget is generated annually by the Town Manager, Select Board, and Budget Committee. The budget process begins in December. Departments develop goals, which align with the objectives and focus areas of the Select Board's current Strategic Plan. The costs associated with meeting these goals, along with all costs required to maintain and sustain annual operations of the town and current and future capital expenditures, are what make up the annual budget.
Once drafted, the proposed budget is reviewed, discussed, and debated by the Budget Committee, Select Board, Town Manager, and the public at large. From February through April, changes are requested and made until a final version of the budget is voted on and approved by the Select Board.
The final budget becomes part of the Annual Town Warrant and each warrant item is voted either up or down by the voting public at Annual Town Meeting. The final budget approved by voters becomes the official annual budget for Vinalhaven's fiscal year (FY), which begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.
For information regarding the annual budget process as well as how to attend Select Board Budget Workshops and Budget Committee meetings, please contact Town Manager, Andrew Dorr.