Annual Town Meeting - FY 20-21

Annual Town Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 7pm at Smith Hokanson Memorial Hall (School Auditorium).



Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines and expectations for this year’s meeting.  We have sought to provide you with a fair and low-risk way to attend by having guidelines and alternative participation options.  With guidance from the State of Maine, we can host this year’s meeting one of three ways,

  1. In-person with respect to gathering limits, in one or multiple rooms in a building;
  2. Drive-in option where attendees participate from their vehicles; or
  3. Referendum vote via ballot/polls. 

We have chosen to hold town meeting at the school auditorium as we have in past years, but have also found a way to broadcast the meeting via radio that will allow those sitting in their vehicles at the school parking lot to cast their votes as well.  This method will allow us to host the meeting within the guidelines at the lowest risk possible. 

New this year, we will also livestream the meeting so you may watch from any location.  The statute and guidelines do not provide for your active participation under this format, so if you wish to cast a vote or speak, you must attend in-person. 

Meeting Documents

Town Warrant

Budget Detail 

Budget Allocation

Budget Presentation

2019 Annual Town Report for online viewing

2019 Annual Town Report PDF Download


Guidelines to Attending Annual Town Meeting

COVID-19 Precautions

  • Please follow the signs and enter the Smith-Hokenson Auditorium from the side entrance
    • If we have already reached the in-person meeting limit by the time you arrive, you may stay in your vehicle and listen live via AM radio. 
  • Before entering the auditorium, you can expect the following
    • To have your temperature checked
    • To answer a few questions about recently exhibited symptoms
    • To agree to wearing a face covering while in the building
    • To sit in the designated seats so as to maintain a minimum of 6’ distancing
    • Members of the same household will be allowed to sit next to each other
  • If you are joining from your vehicle in the school parking lot
    • You will be able to hear the live meeting from an AM radio station to be provided upon check-in
    • You will be provided items to aide in casting your votes
    • You will be provided with a copy of the presentation that will be shown during the meeting to follow along
    • You will be expected to wear a face covering if you approach the moderator to ask a question/state a comment

During the Meeting

  • The moderator
  1. has the right to set a time limit for comments.
  2. will not entertain public comment about specific individuals.
  • If you wish to speak
  1. Wait until the Moderator has opened the floor to public comments.
  2. When the Moderator has recognized you,
  • Be prepared to state your business in a brief and concise manner.  Stand, state your name for the record, the agenda item and nature of your business.
  1. Expectations of the speaker
  • Please refrain from discussion on the article if you have a conflict of interest in any article.
  • During a Public Meeting, only the subject matter can be discussed.
  • Comments should always be courteous.
  • Personal and accusatory comments are out of order.
  • Profanity, disorderly language or gestures at meetings are prohibited.
  • At no time will the public be allowed to argue, debate or introduce a topic that is not on the agenda.
  • During discussion, the audience shall not disturb the proceedings by whispering, talking or other distractions.


  • Casting your vote
  1. If you are in the auditorium
  • You will indicate your position by raising your hand upon request from the moderator
  • Keep your hand up until it is indicated that it may be lowered
  1. If you are in your vehicle at the school parking lot
  • Use the aides that were provided to you when you checked in
  • When the moderator calls for the vote, raise your hand out your window with the aide until it is indicated that it may be lowered