Public Works Garage

Design Proposal

In 2015, the Select Board established a Town Garage Committee to review the status of the Public Works Facility. In 2016, the Board and Committee engaged Urbahn Architects to review multiple locations for possible construction of a new facility. The study looked at three municipally owned locations: the current Public Works Facility location (Net Factory site), Coots Corner, and the Transfer Station property. 

After much consideration, the Board decided all three proposed locations were unsuitable and in 2018 began a discussion with the Mills family for the potential purchase of two acres at Loud’s Pit on which a new Public Works Facility could be sited. At Town Meeting in June of 2018, the community voted to authorize the Town to spend up to $1 million dollars to construct the new facility, and the Board moved forward with the purchase of the land at Loud’s Pit. A well was drilled on the land and a septic was sited.

In 2019, the Town retained engineers Woodard & Curran to work on multiple upcoming capital projects. Woodard & Curran designed a garage building and salt shed similar to the conceptual design suggested in the 2016 study–one that could go nearly anywhere. The facility design has gone through a few modifications in order to cut costs, most notably the reduction from four to three dry/heated bays. Late fall of 2019, Woodard & Curran suggested the Select Board revisit the Transfer Station property as the location for the Public Works Facility, citing construction mobilization cost savings and future operational efficiencies as motivating factors for the reconsideration. The Select Board is currently considering all viable options.