COVID-19 Resources

The Town of Vinalhaven is looking to help keep you informed, to the best of our ability, about the developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus).  This is a very dynamic and new information comes in at least daily.  We will seek to do our best to keep this as up-to-date as we hear information for our state and federal resources.  We hope this will serve as a local resource for those looking for information and updates regarding any recommendations, changes in service, or links to useful information.  In addtion to the website, you can visit our Facebook page. 

Do your part to be responsible in limiting the impact of COVID-19 in our community. Read the lastest COVID-19 Recommendations in our Updates list below.

NEW! Resources for Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic downloadable PDF Resource sheet. View online for active links to resources.


Daily Update 03-27-2020

Daily Update 03-26-2020

Daily Update 03-25-2020

Daily Update 03-24-2020

Daily Update 03-23-2020

Daily Update 03-22-2020

Daily Update 03-21-2020

Daily Update 03-20-2020

COVID-19 Recommendations 3-19-2020 

School Memo 3-18-2020

ICMS 3-16-2020

Changes to Town Services 3-16-2020

Town of Vinalhaven Memo 3-15-2020

School Memo 3-15-2020

Town of Vinalhaven Memo 3-13-2020  

School Memo 3-13-2020

School Memo 3-12-2020

Board of Selectmen

Board of Selectmen Meeting 03-25-2020 Recording

Board of Selectmen Meeting 03-18-2020 Recording

Additional Resources

Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention

US Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

Financial Resources

General Assistance - local assistance for residents with difficulty paying for basic necessities.  Contact your local GA administrator for more information.  

Charter Communications Offers Free Access to Broadband... - we are still learning more about how this program works, but feel free to reach out to Charter Communications directly for more information. 

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program - This may be a resource available following the declaration of a national emergency.  Check here in the coming days for low-interst loans for business support. 

Maine Department of Economic and Community Development - There are links to resources here from the State of Maine for individuals and business owners.