Covid-19 Updates

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday by 7pm we publish an Update to keep you informed on relevant Vinalhaven-related Covid-19 information and resources.

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Town of Vinalhaven Updates - May, 2020
Update 05-27-2020  Archive Addition How Can We Help?
Update 05-25-2020  Being Of Service
Update 05-22-2020  Have a Safe Memorial Day Weekend
Update 05-20-2020  FAQs
Update 05-18-2020  Safety First–Stay Safer at Home While Restarting Maine’s Economy
Update 05-15-2020  Can I Get Tested?
Update 05-13-2020  Covid-19 Transmission Risks and How to Avoid Them
Update 05-11-2020  Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 if You Are Sick
Update 05-08-2020  Governor Mills Announces Rural Reopening Plan
Update 05-06-2020  Understanding Covid-19 Symptoms and When to Get Help
Update 05-04-2020  Balancing the Risk to Public Health vs the Impact to the Local Economy
Update 05-02-2020  Raised Beds and Gardening Resources
Update 05-01-2020  Restarting Maine’s Economy | Stay Safer at Home
Town of Vinalhaven Daily Updates - April, 2020
Daily Update 04-30-2020  Understanding Isolation
Daily Update 04-29-2020  Opening the Economy
Daily Update 04-28-2020  Preparing for Emergencies
Daily Update 04-27-2020  Quarantine
Daily Update 04-26-2020  Gardening!
Daily Update 04-25-2020  At the Friend
Daily Update 04-24-2020  Testing, Tracing, and Treatment
Daily Update 04-23-2020  A Message from the Public Health Team
Daily Update 04-22-2020  Changes coming at Carvers…
Daily Update 04-21-2020  Earth Day True or False Quiz – Test Your Transfer Station Smarts!
Daily Update 04-20-2020  Patriots' Day
Daily Update 04-19-2020  Save Money By Composting
Daily Update 04-18-2020  Living Between the Lines: Coping Strategies for Stress – Part 2
Daily Update 04-17-2020  Living Between the Lines: Coping Strategies for Stress
Daily Update 04-16-2020  Unsafe at Home: Domestic Violence Awareness - Prevention – Support 
Daily Update 04-15-2020  Face Covering Update; Before Anger Turns to Violence, Reach Out for Help
Daily Update 04-14-2020  Governor Mills’ Civil Emergency Extension; Saving Money by Recycling
Daily Update 04-13-2020  Vinalhaveners – Doing our Part
Daily Update 04-12-2020  Happy Easter!
Daily Update 04-11-2020  Changes at the Transfer Station
Daily Update 04-10-2020  True or False Quiz – Test Your Vinalhaven Covid-19 Smarts!
Daily Update 04-09-2020  Face Coverings and Masks… Again!
Daily Update 04-08-2020  What Happens if I Develop Symptoms?
Daily Update 04-07-2020  Making and Receiving Safe Deliveries; Safe Caregiving
Daily Update 04-06-2020  How Can We Help?
Daily Update 04-05-2020  Managing Anxiety; Wearing Masks; Pets and Covid-19
Daily Update 04-04-2020  The CDC Recommends People Wear Masks in Public
Daily Update 04-03-2020  Economic Help for Individuals and Businesses
Daily Update 04-02-2020  Public Health Team Questions and Answers
Daily Update 04-01-2020  More about the "Stay Healthy at Home" Mandate
Town of Vinalhaven Daily Updates - March, 2020
Daily Update 03-30-2020  Response to "Vigelante News"
Daily Update 03-29-2020  Vinalhaven Public Health Officer Urgent Memo
Daily Update 03-28-2020  Ways to connect and be helpful
Daily Update 03-27-2020  Managing stress and anxiety with Kelly Richards
Daily Update 03-26-2020  Emergency Operations Center updates and message from Select Board Chair
Daily Update 03-25-2020  Physical distancing, Govenor asks non-essential businesses to close to public
Daily Update 03-24-2020  How is Covid-19 different from the flu?
Daily Update 03-23-2020  What is the difference between social distancing and quarantine?
Daily Update 03-22-2020  Being added to the Pandemic Storm Call List
Daily Update 03-21-2020  Town sets up Emergency Operations Center
Daily Update 03-20-2020  Public Health Team Update, Thank You to the Community