Covid-19 Updates

At least once a month we publish an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Update to keep you informed on relevant Vinalhaven-related Covid-19 information and resources. Additionally, we post to social media throughout the week. Follow us to keep informed!

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Town of Vinalhaven Updates – July 2020
Update 07-03-2020 Governor Mills Exempts Additional States From Quarantine and Testing Requirement, Face Covering Mandate Enforced for Certain Businesses in Coastal Communities, 4th of July Safety in COVID Times, and Our Current Favorite Infographic
Update 07-10-2020 Case Counts; Video: Slow-motion schlieren imaging experiment
Town of Vinalhaven Updates – June 2020
Update 06-05-2020 Business Coffee Hour Conversations, Select Board Discusses Summer Letter to the Community, and the Tip of the Week–Avoid Risks Infographic
Update 06-12-2020 Summer Letter and Community Guidelines from the Select Board and the Public Health Team
Update 06-19-2020 Keep Vinalhaven Healthy Short-term Rental/Lodging Guide
Update 06-26-2020 COVID-19 Prevention Guide for Travelers to the Island
Town of Vinalhaven Updates – May 2020
Update 05-01-2020 Restarting Maine’s Economy | Stay Safer at Home
Update 05-02-2020 Raised Beds and Gardening Resources
Update 05-04-2020 Balancing the Risk to Public Health vs the Impact to the Local Economy
Update 05-06-2020 Understanding Covid-19 Symptoms and When to Get Help
Update 05-08-2020 Governor Mills Announces Rural Reopening Plan
Update 05-11-2020 Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 if You Are Sick
Update 05-13-2020 Covid-19 Transmission Risks and How to Avoid Them
Update 05-15-2020 Can I Get Tested?
Update 05-18-2020 Safety First–Stay Safer at Home While Restarting Maine’s Economy
Update 05-22-2020 Have a Safe Memorial Day Weekend
Update 05-25-2020 Being Of Service
Update 05-27-2020 (Archive Addition) How Can We Help?
Update 05-29-2020 Out and About – How to Avoid Risks
Town of Vinalhaven Updates – April 2020
Daily Update 04-01-2020 More about the "Stay Healthy at Home" Mandate
Daily Update 04-02-2020 Public Health Team Questions and Answers
Daily Update 04-03-2020 Economic Help for Individuals and Businesses
Daily Update 04-04-2020 The CDC Recommends People Wear Masks in Public
Daily Update 04-05-2020 Managing Anxiety; Wearing Masks; Pets and Covid-19
Daily Update 04-06-2020 How Can We Help?
Daily Update 04-07-2020 Making and Receiving Safe Deliveries; Safe Caregiving
Daily Update 04-08-2020 What Happens if I Develop Symptoms?
Daily Update 04-09-2020 Face Coverings and Masks… Again!
Daily Update 04-10-2020 True or False Quiz – Test Your Vinalhaven Covid-19 Smarts!
Daily Update 04-11-2020 Changes at the Transfer Station
Daily Update 04-13-2020 Vinalhaveners – Doing our Part
Daily Update 04-14-2020 Governor Mills’ Civil Emergency Extension; Saving Money by Recycling
Daily Update 04-15-2020 Face Covering Update; Before Anger Turns to Violence, Reach Out for Help
Daily Update 04-16-2020 Unsafe at Home: Domestic Violence Awareness - Prevention – Support 
Daily Update 04-17-2020 Living Between the Lines: Coping Strategies for Stress
Daily Update 04-18-2020 Living Between the Lines: Coping Strategies for Stress – Part 2
Daily Update 04-19-2020 Save Money By Composting
Daily Update 04-21-2020 Earth Day True or False Quiz – Test Your Transfer Station Smarts!
Daily Update 04-22-2020 Changes coming at Carvers…
Daily Update 04-23-2020 A Message from the Public Health Team
Daily Update 04-24-2020 Testing, Tracing, and Treatment
Daily Update 04-28-2020 Preparing for Emergencies
Daily Update 04-29-2020 Opening the Economy
Daily Update 04-30-2020 Understanding Isolation
Town of Vinalhaven Updates – March 2020
Daily Update 03-20-2020 Public Health Team Update, Thank You to the Community
Daily Update 03-21-2020 Town sets up Emergency Operations Center
Daily Update 03-22-2020 Being added to the Pandemic Storm Call List
Daily Update 03-23-2020 What is the difference between social distancing and quarantine?
Daily Update 03-24-2020 How is Covid-19 different from the flu?
Daily Update 03-25-2020 Physical distancing, Govenor asks non-essential businesses to close to public
Daily Update 03-26-2020 Emergency Operations Center updates and message from Select Board Chair
Daily Update 03-27-2020 Managing stress and anxiety with Kelly Richards
Daily Update 03-28-2020 Ways to connect and be helpful
Daily Update 03-29-2020 Vinalhaven Public Health Officer Urgent Memo
Daily Update 03-30-2020 Response to "Vigelante News"